Thursday, November 4, 2010

My vet - she's a keeper!

Humans. Can't take them anywhere. Imagine arriving at the doctor's office with your camera and then asking the doctor to pose for a picture while she examines you. Bet you she'll think you've lost the plot.

Well that's exactly what my human did to me today. Lucky for me my dr Kerry is a gem of a vet and she played along with a great sense of humour and an even bigger smile!

After my big scare six months ago, my humans are treating me like a newborn baby and today they were worried about a little rash I have on my chest. All's well though and I have to admit, I hardly felt the injection she gave me and the massage I got under my belly when they put the ointment on, was a nice bonus.

Having the hair plucked from my ears, well that's another story. I really wish they would have consulted me about that one before the time. Anyway, I do love my vet and I love how she fusses over me - I guess a sting or two is not the end of the world.

Here we are - now I know how Paris Hilton's dog feels! Dr Kerry is a natural but I still prefer to hide behind my locks...

I promised my human a guest spot today, so here goes!

My dearest little Abbey

I know how much you hate going to the vet. When we pull up in their driveway you start grunting and I feel how you tense up. Trust me, I get it. Why would you feel happy about going to a place that reminds you of pain and fear?

I know you think I'm paranoid to take you everytime you have a little ache or rash, but I would rather be safe and know that you are ok. You have to know that even though you've never uttered a word in your life and weigh less than two kilograms, you have managed to crawl right into our hearts and we cannot bear the thought of losing you.

I never want to relive those few days when we thought you were not going to come home, so please bear with your silly, paranoid humans!

Your blog is looking quite spiffy and I hope you'll allow me to say my say every now and then as well - I know you'll probably moderate all my comments, but that's ok. At this stage you can get away with pretty much anything you feel like doing.

You must admit though - pretty cool human I chose to be your vet!


  1. It does sound like a great vet. We loved seeing the picture.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. Happy tu meet ya Miss Abbey - Shiloh'n Shasta Beaglebratz here. We came over frum Oskar's blog. We haf b-come followerz tu - u iza cutie! Did u no that Oskar an'hiz mom haf anuther blog called Pet Blogs United - u can find it by followin'this link -
    (we think u will haf tu copy an'paste that intu your web browzer)

    We no all'bout thoze cameraz at the vet'z office - check out this link-
    (yep, anuther copy an'paste thing)

    Ok, we gotta go eat our dinner now - BUTT wanted tu stop by an'welcome u to bloggieland.
    Shiloh'n Shasta (mom tu)

  3. Hello Abbey!! Aren't you a cutie!! We love the vet! Sometimes I wonder if he realizes were we are going or if he's just happy to go any place as long as it involves a car ride. Come on over and see us some time!!! Nice to meet you, Oskar said you were a doll!

  4. Nice to meet you dear Abbey! You are such a cutie! Oskar sent us over to see you and we are glad we came! Your vet is so nice and we have to say that most vets are the best in the loving and caring. Come visit us sometime and let's be friends! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  5. Hi Abbey! You are very cute!!! Oscar sent us over to say hello!
    I hope your rash heals soon!

  6. Hi Abbey! I am so happy to find another Yorkie in blogland! There are only a few us blogging! I am your newest follower and hope we can be friends.

    Your pal (and fellow yorkie), Pip

  7. Hi, Abbey. I am featuring you on my blog. Hope you don't mind!
    Cat Mandu

  8. Nice to meet woo Abbey!

    My khat pal Mandu pawed about woo!

    Welkhome to the great world of BLOGGING!


  9. Hi, beautiful Abbey, so nice to meet you and we are very glad your vet visit went well and you are alright...We came over from Mandu's blog and thought we would follow you so we could get to know you better, sweetie...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Hello Abbey! We came over from Oskar's blog! Rashes are awful and I hope yours heal quickly...Your vet sounds like a wonderful lady.

    Love your bangs! :)

  11. Hello Abbey, I read about you over at Oskar's place. Your a real cutie! I don't know what happened 6 months ago but I sure am glad you're doing OK!

  12. What a great vet you have! we heard about you on Cat Mandu's Blog and thought we would pop over and say hi!

  13. Hi everyone! What a lovely way to start the day - 11 new friends, what a gift! I am going to come and say hallo to each and everyone - can't wait to hear all your stories and meet your humans.

    Finally! I have a place where I can vent and talk animal talk - the human 'ooh's' and 'aa'h' are all good and well but lets face it, they ARE only human.

    I am super excited about this new journey my human has put us on and hope we'll be friends for many years to come!

    Cheers (or is it woof?) to new friends!

  14. Hi Abbey! We came over from Cat Mandu's blog. Hope you don't mind 3 tabby cats from southeastern Ontario, Canada, who've never met a woofie face-to-face. We all outweigh you, anyway, so we're not scared. Really.

    And sweetie, after our human mom lost her beloved Chumley (almost 4 years ago now) suddenly and totally unexpectedly, she's been over-the-top paranoid about us! We understand how you feel!

  15. You're very welcome! I'm cheeky but I know when I'm beaten - three tabby cats that outweigh me - trust me, we can be instant best friends!

  16. Hi Abby,

    Looks like you have found a loving vet who is really nice to you. We are not always sure about dogs since two years ago I was bitten by a larger dog and needed hospitalization and now I do not go outside unless dad is with me. It makes since hard since I like all kinds of animals.

    Welcome to the blogging world.

    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  17. Hi! Oskar told us about you, and we wanted to pay you a visit!
    You have a very nice vet! Our Mom tells us the same thing about taking us to the vet. They must think we are crazy to accept this, but there is not much choice once they decide to take us in.
    Happy Friday!
    ~ The Bunch

  18. Oskar sent me :-)

    This is so cool - blogs from a dogs perspective! We have 2 dogs - a shepherd and a black lab puppy. We had a golden retriever, Emma, but we had to put her to sleep last May. She had cancer.

    Anyway, Emma LOVED the vet! Loved it! And the day we had to put her to sleep she could barely walk until we got to the vet and then she sprang to life to see her favorite tech girl and get some love from everybody. We all burst out crying even the tech girl!

    I can talk about it now without crying myself.

  19. miss abbey!
    hihi! oskar woofed about you on his bloggie today, so i am here to visit 'n welcome you to bloggie land! i'd love to be friendz, too! :)
    anywho, i'm glad you have a nice V-E-T lady cuz it sure makes goin' a smidge better. oh, and don't worry about your daddy takin' your picture there. that's pretty normal like compared to my mama who takes like 50 gazillion pics when i go. yuppers...she's a little wack-a-doodle!! teehee.

    the booker man

  20. Hi Abbey, Nice to meet you Oskar sent me over, you have been though alot, I'm following you so will be back from time to time to see what you are up to.
    I have some things going on a the moment on my blog, you don't have to follow to join in, so pop over if you get time I would love you to join in.
    See Yea George xxx

  21. Hi, Abbey! It's great to meet you! Your buddy Oskar sent me this way - and wow! What a cool bunch of 2-leggers you've got!
    As for your faraway buddy, Oskar, boy would I love to leave my mark on the Great Wall of China!

  22. Hi, Abbey!
    Oskar told us about you blog and I wanted to come and say hello!
    I hope we can be friends!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. Hi Abbey! Oskar sent me over and I'm glad I did. Will drop by on and off to see what you're up to.
    Love, Jon Terry

  24. Hi Abbey
    I saw that MaxMom had mentioned you and popped over to have a look. Nice blog! My human's name is Gail. We live in Scotland and love reading about South Africa.
    Toodle pip!

  25. Hi Abbey! I came over from Oskar's bloggie. I'm ever so sorry you had to go to the dreaded V.E.T. I don't pawticularly like to go either. Sometimes it's hard to remember that our humans take us there cuz they LUV us. I know it's a weird way to show their luvs for us but you can tell from what your mom wrote that that's the case. I think you're a very lucky girl and I hope we can be furends!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  26. PeeS. I forgot to tell you that I have a sister named Abby! Only she spells her name different. And she's a kitteh. But still! Kinda cool!

  27. Hi Abbey (and human), we were sent here by Oskar :-)

    Your vet looks very friendly (and pretty too). Our vet mostly comes to our house. He's male (and rather good looking, which is a bonus for me - being human ;-)). Our dogs love him, but then again they've never had anything serious enough to make them scared.

    I'm glad you're okay. Nice to meet you ;-)

  28. Hai Abbey, nice to meet ya! We came to welcome yoo to bloggin (Oskar said yoo was a gud blogger to meet).

    I is Jake!


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