Sunday, March 6, 2011

All's back to normal...

My humans are back. Thank goodness, it's about time! We always have to wonder and guess what's going on - they don't speak our language, so when they disappear we're left guessing about what the dickens is going on.

The worst part is not knowing when they're coming back. By now we know they always seem to come back but not knowing when is really horrible.

I spent the first couple of days sitting at the gate looking at the road but after a while I reconed that I was wasting my time. So I just surrendered. I became attached to my sitters and (temporarily) made them the centre of my world.

Anyway, we were taken care of really well but I do love my own humans more than anything and I know the rest of my clan feel exactly the same. I'm glad they're back.

Life's back to normal again.

The humans seemed to have been very busy on their trip to Portugal, she wrote about it on her own blog - if you'd like to hear what they were up to and see some of her pictures, hop over to her blog and say hi! You'll find her at

In the meantime, I'm going to throw my feet up in the air - she owes me a couple hundred tummy scratches right now!